Calanais Standing Stones

by admin on August 17, 2013

Calanais Standing Stones


One of the most famous places to visit on the Isle of Lewis is widely known as the Callanis Standing Stones. However, since the local naming policy has recently changed to a preference of the native language of Gaelic the stone circle is now to be known as the Calanais Standing Stones. Whatever you want to call them there is no denying the fact that these are amongst the most important and most spectacular in Europe and are often referred to as being unique because of the four avenues which come together in the shape of a cross/crucifix. Getting to the stones can prove rather difficult if you do not have your own transport, although there is a bus service to and from them it is a limited service.

callanish standing stones

If you are considering visiting Calanais you must also be aware of another important sacred place in the world very nearby. Formerly known as Carloway Broch and now named in the Gaelic as Dun Charlabhaigh the broch is an iron age, twin-walled, structure shaped rather like a small cooling tower (conical) but has either corroded on one side or the stone has been reused by locals at some stage. You are able to gain access to the interior by a very low entrance and great care should be taken at all times. It is possible to walk up between the two exterior walls but it can prove dangerous so I repeat – take great care.


Calanais Stone Circle



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