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My name is Nancy Williams and I’m the owner of sacredplacesintheworld.com. Since young I have been fascinated with most of the sacred places I visited in different parts of the world. As time unfold, there is a great urge in me to seek and find out more about the different sacred places that are available in this new century.

I am certainly not any expert or academic archeologist about the topic of sacred places but my hunger in this field have resulted in me creating this site with the intention of sharing with others who also resonates in this area.

From the beginning of human history, people everywhere have asked questions like “Where did I come from?”, “How should I live my life?”, “What happens to me when I die?”.  Have this questions pop up from your mind before?

Many great thinkers, prophets and teachers have found different answers. Their words and deeds have inspired others to believe in them, and the faithful have studied their teachings, written about them and added their own insights.

As a result, systems of belief, called religions, have developed. Each religion has its own symbols and its own way of doing things. But people of every religion have build sacred places where they go to worship, pray, study and celebrate the great events in their lives and the lives of their holy people. Some are decorated with symbols or images made of sculpture, paint, colored glass, or patterned tile. Others speak with the quiet beauty of pure geometry.
The information on Sacred Places In The World is based on a variety of reliable sources, including: travel guidebooks, online resources (primarily official sites), academic textbooks and also my own travel experiences.
I hope you enjoy the information here as much as I create it.


Nancy Williams

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